• What is a Generator?

A  generator is a back-up power unit that runs on propane or natural gas and will feed electricity to your home or property in the event of a power outage. They connect directly into your homes electric panel to safety deliver power without the hassle or danger of an extension cord. These units can be set up to turn on automatically when your home loses power, or manually to be used at your convenience, and are sized to the needs of you and your home.

Generac Generator installed by Airprompt electric

Why do I need a Generator?

Electricity and power to our home is one of the most helpful conveniences of our modern times, but we sometimes forget that it can go out in a moment, here in Florida, with some pretty severe & unpredictable weather, from Hurricanes to Lightning storms, we have it all. A lot of these weather conditions come with a high probability that we will lose power at some point during the year, not to mention the man made conditions such as working on power poles, or power company equipment failure. In 2016, Hurricane Hermine caused a power outage to more than 350,000 people in Florida and Georgia alone. You can protect your home, comfort, and assets with the simple installation of a back up Generator. Prompt Electric is your local expert on Generac Generators.

How to I maintain my generator or what if it breaks?

Don’t worry, its simple! New Generac generators installed by our company typically come with a 2 year labor warranty and a 5 year major parts warranty. We also suggest that we come out and inspect your generator at least once to twice a year to make sure your unit is in top running condition.

Already have a Generator?

It is a good idea to maintenance your generator at least once a year to make sure you are prepared for the upcoming season. We can diagnosis any problems you may have with your standby generator and in most cases order the parts and have your generator up in running in no time.

Major inspection points include the following:

  • Enclosure check: Inspect generator enclosure & exhaust to be sure it is free of debris and foreign materials.

  • Control Panel: Check the control panel for operation and insure all software is up to date.

  • Battery: Verify the battery terminals are clean and tightened.

  • Fuel System: Check the fuel system components for corrosion or wear and tear.

  • Engine System: Check oil levels and air filter for proper function.

We are an Authorized Generac Service Company and can perform your warranty services and inspections, as well as any system operation updates that may need to be done.

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