• Electrical Remodeling and Installation

Remodeling a home can be a daunting task but with the help of Prompt Electric, your local licensed and insured Electrical Contractor, you will know that you are in good hands when it comes to your electrical needs.

  • Smoke/Carbon Detectors: Installation of Smoke/Carbon combination detectors can be a very beneficial safety feature for any home. Smoke detectors can alert you to burning and smoldering fires from something as simple as a burner left on the a stove, to a fire from a faulty appliance. Carbon Detectors alert home occupants to the odorless gas CO often found in fuel burning appliances. Even your home runs on all electrical appliances, there can still be Carbon contamination in a home from attached garages or generators running too close to the house. Prompt Electric can help with the installation and best placement of this great product for your home.

  • Outlet & Switch Repair/ Installation: If you have a broken or faulty outlet or switch in your home or if you are looking to add another outlet to a different area of your home, We can help. Unsure if you need to replace with a GFCI switch or if your breaker will handle the extra load of electricity our technicians are knowledgeable and competent, they will explain all the options that are best for your particular need.

  • GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) – GFCI’s Will immediately turn off a circuit in the event that the circuit gets wet due to a spray of water or flood due to a pipe breaking.

Lighting/ Fans

Homes are as individualized as people. Each one has different lighting and fan needs. Prompt Electric has all the solutions for you and your home. Here are some of the different options and things to consider when replacing or adding these products to your home. If you don’t see something your looking for here, or just have questions about which option is right for you, give our knowledgeable friendly staff a call and they will be happy to help!

  • Fans: Depending on where your fan is located in your home, inside or outside on a porch, a home owner should consider the fan blade size and material weather proofing available, as well as ceiling height for flush mounted or down rod installation.

  • Recess Lighting: Recessed lighting is installed into the ceiling to shine light down into your home from what appears to be a hidden cove in the ceiling. To install this type of lighting, there needs to be room in between the ceiling and roof for the type and size needed. We can help you determine the right style and depth for both beauty and functionality in your home.

  • Fluorescent Lighting: Fluorescent lighting is found more frequently in office or commercial store front settings. These lights are much more efficient than traditional incandescent lights. Often as these types fixtures age, flickering or dimming light starts to occur. This could be anything from a bad bulb to a faulty ballast. Prompt Electric can diagnosis your issue in moments and suggest a reasonable repair or replacement option to fit your needs.

  • LED Lighting: LED or Light-emitting Diodes are changing the way we think about illuminating our living spaces. They are more efficient and reliable than the more traditional lighting options. They can come in a number of different colors for individualizing any lighted area and are long lasting, reducing the headache of having to frequently replace bulbs. If you are looking to replace your current light fixtures or adding more lighting to your home, give us a call and let us help you in choosing the right LED for you and your home.

  • Security Lighting: Safety is a concern for every home owner and something as simple as adding security lighting to your home can deter potential threats, such as home invaders, due to the lack of dark hiding spaces on your property. We offer motion activated or timed lighting security systems to help with your home safety system.

  • Outdoor/Lawn Lighting: Outdoor lighting serves a variety of purposes, maybe you are looking to add beauty to that outside lawn and garden, or light up your BBQ area, the options are endless! Prompt Electric can help install or repair all different types to help improve your outside property.


Electrical wiring is an important component to any home or property, commercial or residential. There are many different reasons you may need our wiring services at your property.

We can help with all the issues listed below and more:

Stripping wires
  • Whole house rewiring due to renovation or age

  • Outlet wiring or relocation

  • GFCI Installation

  • Whole House Surge Protection

  • New Wiring for remodels or additions

  • Trouble Shooting due to flickering lights, lack of power to an appliance or outlet, and Circuit tracing

  • Lighting re-wiring, installation, and relocation

  • Aluminum Wire repair or replacement

  • Panel or Sub-Panel installation and replacement

  • Doorbell System installation or repair

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