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If you are unsure what your electrical panel needs are, we can help. Whether you are just concerned about the condition of your electrical capacity or you are looking to add an additional energy consuming source to your home, Prompt Electric has a solution for you. Call our office or contact us today to get your maintenance, service call, or free quote today!

What is an electrical panel?

An electrical panel or a “breaker” panel is the main distribution point of electricity that power your home. From this unit electrical wiring or lines send power to your appliances, lights, and outlets. The lines running from the panel to your various sources are what make up the circuits of power in your home.

Electrical panels are also referred to as breaker panel, electrical service, circuit breaker panel, distribution board, or panel board.

When and why should I upgrade my panel?

An electric panel upgrade typically in needed for two reasons; age or capacity. In Florida, the current minimum amperage for an electrical panel is a 100 amp service but many older homes do not even have this capacity. The amperage capacity of a panel determines how much power can be distributed through your home. As technology advances and our needs for multiple electronic devices increase, the need for more amps to power your home also increases. A breaker that continues to trip on its circuit is a good sign that you may be due for a panel upgrade, as your home is not getting the power that it requires.

Some panels may also be in, immediate need for upgrade due to the safety hazards that may arise as they age. Flickering lights, buzzing and cracking sounds, or corroded wiring have the potential to cause an electrical fire in your home. This is not to say that every one of these situations requires replacement, but an electrical maintenance or service call could help determine if your panel should be repaired or if replacement is the best options for your home.

(Ex; Older unsafe panel vs a Brand new panel from Prompt Electric)
Old extremely unsafe electrical panelNew electrical panel installed by airprompt electric
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