• Home Inspections (4 Point Inspection)

Home inspections can be required when purchasing a home or for insurance purposes as part of the home owner insurance agreement. These types of inspections should be performed annually. There are certain major issues that concern mortgage and insurance companies when they are investing in your home. Don’t be alarmed if any of the following points are present in your home, Prompt Electric has reasonable repair or replacement options for all of them.

Our Company will inspect all the major areas of concern in our inspections such as:

  • Minimum 60 amp Service: Most counties in the State Of Florida Require the minimum Amp service to be 60 Amp. Some insurance companies mortgage lenders will not invest in a home with less than the required amount.

  • Branch Aluminum Wiring: Aluminum wiring was used to replace copper between 1965 and 1973 to run electricity to 15 and 20 amp circuits in homes. But in most recently it has shown that aluminum wiring is more likely to fail at the connection points, causing arcs and sparking, and even in some cases, starting electrical fires.

  • Double Tapped Breakers: This is one of the more common issues found during home inspection. What home inspectors refer to as double tapped breakers are actually a breaker that has two conductors connected under one screw or terminal inside a Panel Board.

  • Exposed Wiring: Exposed wiring is always a concern especially for your homes safety. Wiring exposed near outlets, fans, switches, or even in holes or near baseboards, can be damaged very easily by all different types of sources.

  • Obsolete/Faulty Panel Brands: Federal Pacific, Wadsworth and Zinsco-GTE Sylvania have been known to have some operating faults that can cause some fairly serious problems in your home. Some reported issues with panels such as these are failure to trip on overload, breaker turned off but still powering circuit, melting breakers on power overload which stops the breaker from tripping at all in the even of a problem.

  • GFCI’S installed within 6′ of water sources: GFCI’s (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Outlets) Will immediately turn off a circuit in the event that the circuit gets wet due to a spray of water or flood due to a pipe breaking. Water and electric are dangerous together and installing these near all water sources further protects your home from any issues.

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